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This holds your spot to receive the pre-order/early reader edition of the second full novel in the Hesitant Mediums series, A Spirited Engagement. Purchasing this book now will ensure you receive the soft launch release copies before anyone else (except my editing and reviewer teams). Upon release date, you will receive three confirmation emails with a link to this listing, which will be updated with the actual eBook file. I know three seems like a lot, but with email servers being what they are, I want to ensure you get your copy. If all else fails, return to this listing and you should be able to download the item directly.

Continuing with Tessa Preston in this Jane Austen meets Ghost Bride caper.

For fans of Olivia Atwater, Tilly Wallace, and Charlie N. Holmberg!

Jasper Steele has had enough close encounters with ghosts to last a lifetime. When he finds himself the center of a séance gone terribly wrong, he seeks the help of his former paramour and her new fiancé for help. Mary Trentwood and Alex Hartwell (Haunting Miss Trentwood), with their new friend Miss Tessa Preston, agree to do what they can to rid Jasper of his unwanted ghostly companion, who swears she shall have him for her husband. Which is just as well, for while Jasper may be avoiding a ghostly engagement, it doesn’t mean he is entirely against the idea now that Miss Preston in the picture.

Tessa Preston, now gainfully employed as the resident medium for Dame Hartwell, is determined to prove she deserves to be a member of the exclusive Marylebone Spiritualist Association. When her appeal is rejected yet again, Tessa realizes the only way to convince the board of her worth is to perform the most perfect séance… Which would be far easier if the subject weren’t haunting the man who haunts Tessa’s dreams…

Read this story for a fun, light read featuring historical fantasy, Victorian comedy of manners, and plucky BIPOC heroine kicking butt in all her finery.
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