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Some Words with a Mummy (eBook)

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Selected imaginative and entertaining historical fantasy works from Edgar Allen Poe

Read selected short stories from Edgar Allen Poe, chosen because they inspired author Belinda Kroll to maintain a specific mood while writing Haunting Miss Trentwood. This collection of short stories includes the following from Edgar Allen Poe, and are sure to entertain those who delight in making the mundane both a little chilling and mightily ridiculous:
  • Shadow – A Parable
  • Loss of Breath
  • Some Words with a Mummy
  • Philosophy of Furniture
  • The Sphinx
Readers should expect a healthy dose of dry yet ridiculous humor amid the ghoulish details in the stories selected. For example, the short story that lends itself as the title of this collection is about a mummy coming back to life and chatting about the “good ole days” with the people who reanimated him.

Included at the end of this collection is an excerpt from Belinda Kroll’s historical fantasy with a sweet romantic subplot, Haunting Miss Trentwood.
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